TBSE Halo Infinite Update

First of all it is important that from now you guys are wearing your tags as they are now being enforced, your tags should be your regiment and then your rank in the following format:

Kingscoats: KG–
Royal Marines: RM–
77th Crusaders: CR–

Clan Activities

As of now clan activities have been delayed until 8th December when the game fully releases to allow people time to get used to the game and to also allow for more content to release from Halo. On the 8th there will be a review of how clan activities will be run and then soon after another post will be made outlining our plans for activities.


Around Christmas we will have our usual break from clan activities however on the run up it is possible that Christmas related customisation items will release, these items will be fully permitted for use during the entire month of December and until the Christmas break ends. After the end of the Christmas break the items may be restricted until the next holiday if inappropriate for clan usage.


On the subject of uniforms the current considerations under review are as follows:

  • No Emblem Uniform
  • Use basic spartan Emblem
  • Use Rank Emblems
  • Allow Emblems On Vehicles
  • Don’t Allow Weapon Emblems
  • Weapon And Vehicle Coatings (likely will vary on basis)

Weapon Tests

All weapons except the Assault Rifle and Sidekick require a 3 star score on all academy modes to use in official activities. To get the scores added to your record so you can use the weapon dm me on discord with a photo showing your scores with your gamertag clearly showing. Once that is done you will be authorised to use the weapon (THIS MUST BE DONE FOR EACH WEAPON). Completing all of the weapons available to 3 stars including the assault rifle and sidekick will get you the MOAW (Master Of All Weapons) Role in discord.


*not the actual uniform

The Special Forces SIND regiment training has not been completed yet however if you wish to be placed on a list to get into the course early you can now however you must obtain the MOAW role in discord first to be able to take part in the course.




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