TBSE Activities Update

Its been a while since the activities were reviewed for Halo Infinite but now since the latest update added a proper selection of playlists we can actually create a proper schedule. Get ready to add some fiesta fridays and swat sundays to your calendar for 2022!

Please Note the following changes will come into effect starting January 1st at the end of the TBSE Christmas Break


No Activities – There will be no activities

Open Slot – There may be activities but it is not certain

MondaysNo Activities
TuesdaysOpen Slot
WednesdaysOpen Slot
ThursdaysOpen Slot
SaturdaysBTB/ Team Slayer
SundaysSWAT (Tactical Slayer)
*Activities are subject to change even when planned

Uniform Changes From 2022

In other news from 1st January Colour uniform will be enforced alongside Tags which are already being enforced, if you are not wearing these pieces of uniform you will be reminded, however if you refuse you will be punished or in the case of multiple occurances kicked from the clan.




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