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TGR were Blundering so TBSE came Thundering

TGR has returned to their usual stupidity and has reformed with Ronin as leader and Apophis the weary old man trailing behind and up to[…]

Commonwealth Day 2023

Today is Commonwealth Day, it is a day to celebrate the Commonwealth of Nations and the 56 countries that it comprises as well as for[…]

Reforms To TBSE

Recently TBSE has struggled with multiple problems that stem from a few fixable problems. What is wrong? The most obvious of these problems is the[…]

An End To Isolation!

The British Space Empire has ended its period of Isolation with a bang, WAR! War Against TGR The British Space Empire formally declared war against[…]

New Years Speech 2022

This year has been an interesting one, Covid has mostly disappeared from the public conscience whilst new economic problems and war in Europe fill the[…]

Queen Elizabeth II Has Died

Today at 19:30 BST it was announced by Buckingham palace that The Queen had died. the official statement is as follows: The Queen died peacefully[…]

UK HCS Emblem

Halo has recently released an HCS Emblem for the UK and it looks incredible, this emblem may possibly be the best Emblem for TBSE. If[…]

The Platinum Jubilee Weekend

Over the platinum jubilee weekend spanning from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June we will not be running any official activities however, we will[…]

Splendid Isolation

As of today, it has been decided that TBSE will use a new policy termed Splendid Isolation which will lead our social interactions with other[…]

Clan Update

Please use this post to update yourself on basic standards that are expected within the clan. Uniform Uniforms are not fully enforced as of current[…]