An End To Isolation!

The British Space Empire has ended its period of Isolation with a bang, WAR!

War Against TGR

The British Space Empire formally declared war against The Galactic Republic in a sudden turn of events after an egregious purge of members from their clan and further threats of hostilities toward our clan.

Alliance With Wolf Legion

Another reason for our policy of isolation being dropped is the promising alliance with Wolf Legion that is being worked on, this alliance seemingly will bring them into the war against TGR bolstering our forces to be used against them and bringing prosperity to our empire.

This alliance with Wolf Legion may work in favor of creating a more stable and mature community of clans that will bring activity and a healthy atmosphere to be a part of.

The End Of Our Policy Of Isolation

Our policy of isolation: “Refusal to join any party ran by a clan or participant which we do not have current relations with unless we have an expressed interest in joining and the refusal to engage with any clan acting toxic or hostile with no reason” has now finally come to an end and engagement within the community will resume promptly, it is hoped that the end to this stance will bring more engagement to our clan as well as more activity for us to take part in.




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