The Regimental System 2024

  • Clan Command Structure
  • Command Structure of a Regiment
  • Responsibilities of Regimental Commanders (CO and XO)
  • Minimum Requirements Of Regiments

Command Structure

The command structure of the clan starts with the leader (Bloodviper) who has the position of Chief of Warfare. Below this is the First Sea Lord who is responsible for all the Naval regiments of the clan and The Chief of General Staff who is responsible for all the Army regiments in the clan. Regimental staff must report to these two positions and they must report to the clan leader. Within and between regiments Rank is used to derive who holds the highest position of command however within a regiment a CO and XO hold the highest position of power within the regiment. In the case of two members holding the same rank precedence goes to the member who holds the most seniority within the clan.

Command Structure of a Regiment

A Regimental CO must hold a minimum rank of Lieutenant Colonel (O3)
A Regimental XO must hold a minimum rank of Lieutenant (E9)

The Regiment is a core structure of the Clan it is an individual section of the clan which is run and maintained by the Regimental Commander (CO) with the assistance of the Regimental Executive Officer (XO). The Regimental Commander is responsible for the management, leadership, training, morale, and discipline of The Regiment whereas the Executive Officer is to report to The Regimental Commander and is in charge of assisting The Regimental Commander and stepping in when necessary to Command The Regiment.

Responsibilities of Regimental Commanders

It is the responsibility of Regimental Commanders to run their Regiment this includes the Recruitment, Training and Scheduling of activities for their regiment. Regimental Commanders are also responsible for the ranking and attendance of their members, they must follow up on any unknown absences as well as ensure that their members are participating in clan activities.

Minimum Requirements Of Regiments

It is the requirement of regiments to uphold the following:

  • A Regiment must uphold a minimum of 10 members
  • A Regiment must provide at least 1 activity per week
  • A Regiment must provide training to its members

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