TBSE History Timeline

12th December 2018

The British Space Empire is formed and the discord for the clan is created

16th December 2018

The British Space Empire Spartan Company Is Created

4th May 2018

vG iJedi resigns from the clan and JWBthemadlad (MLG Gromit) replaces him as second in command

31st May 2019

Fort Nelson Made On Halo 5

2nd May 2019

War Declared Against Blackopsspace Army (Rogue group of TBSE members who created their own clan)

3rd May 2019

TBSE Wins War against Blackopsspacearmy and makes their clan disband

6th June 2019

TBSE Members beat Xbox ambassadors in match on Blood Gulch

26th July 2019

JWB investigated for illicit activity towards another TBSE member

28th July 2019

Investigation Proves JWB's innocence in regards to the incident

30th July 2019

SAS is formed

5th August 2019

Friendly Raid Against Noble Recon Won By TBSE

20th August 2019

Friendly Raid Against Hells Demons Won

11th October 2019

First TBSE website created

20th November 2019

USF Discord Seized and "Scuttled"

24th November 2019

Friendly Raid against 67th Lightning Company Won by TBSE

21st February 2020

1st TGR War Begins with a failed attempt by TGR to raid MI6 HQ

24th February 2020

Operation Greyscale Initiated

1st March 2020

TBSE and Spearcom Fight TGR in a Official 4v4 and Win

5th March 2020

Operation Greyscale Released forcing TGR to surrender in the war

6th March 2020

War Declared against The Holy Raptor Empire

9th March 2020

TGR allow Reaper back into their clan which forces TBSE to declare War (2nd TGR War)

18th March 2020

Raid Against Unity PMC Won by TBSE

23rd April 2020

TBSE and Rebels Win Raid Against Swords of Sanghelios

9th May 2020

Operation Exposition begins to highlight the mistreatment of members in TGR

22nd May 2020

TGR Surrenders again but is allowed its independence as a clan

26th May 2020

TGR Declares War on SCP Foundation

26th May 2020

TBSE Declares War against TGR in defense of the SCP Foundation (3rd TGR War)

13th June 2020

TGR Surrenders in the War and completely disbands

18th June 2020

SCP Foundation Clan Disbands

23rd June 2020

Horus Humiliated in a 1v1 vs Bloodviper

24th June 2020

TBSE is invited to join the Covenant Hegemony by The Intergalactic Hegemony Empire in an appalling document, the clan did not accept this offer

15th July 2020

TGR Reforms and TBSE Declares War Against Them (4th TGR War)

20th July 2020

TGR Disbands and War is Won by TBSE

22nd July 2020

The Crusade Against Horus Begins

6th September 2020

TBSE Declares War against TGR for existing (5th TGR War)

17th October 2020

Pedo Busters Season 1 Intro Released

20th October 2020

Pedo Busters Episode 1 Releases

28th October 2020

77th Crusader Regiment Was Formed

29th October 2020

TBSE Declares War against The Rebels

29th October 2020

TGR and TBSE agree on peace to go to War with The Rebels

1st November 2020

TBSE Wins War against The Rebels after they lose all their members in 3 days to us

22nd November 2020

OurCommunist attends "Promotion Ceremony" and is assassinated for suspected treason

30th November 2020

Official TBSE Flag Adopted

12th December 2020

Alliance With Demonix Broken Due To Them Being Openly Racist

2nd January 2021

JWB (MLG Gromit) Returns to TBSE as 2nd in command

8st February 2021


14th February 2021

TBSE Wins Raid Against TGR on Fort Blackhawk

18th February 2021

TBSE Declares War on TGR for killing TBSE members for no reason (6th TGR War)

18th February 2021

TBSE ends War with TGR Peacefully after Ronin Apologises for his members killing ours

10th May 2021

A new TBSE website created, this is the current website used today.

1st June 2021

TBSE moves to Halo MCC

6th June 2021

After realising Halo MCC wouldn't cut it TBSE Returns to Halo 5

15th November 2021

TBSE launches on Halo Infinite with limited success

15th March 2022

Operation Indominable Released

18th March 2022

War Declared Against TGR For Stealing TBSE Maps (7th TGR War)

2nd May 2022

TBSE Enters a state of Splendid Isolation (not engaging with other clans)

16th August 2022

Halo Infinites European Season 2 HCS Emblem made the preferred clan emblem

30th December 2022

TBSE New Years Speech Posted Outlining Plans For 2023

20th January 2023

TBSE officially allies with Wolf Legion

20th January 2023

TBSE Declares War Against TGR

20th January 2023

The British Space Empire Ends its isolation With A War Declared Against TGR and an Alliance With Wolf Legion

21st January 2023

Ceasefire Declared Between TBSE and TGR

28th January 2023

TBSE purges half of clan members for being inactive after a meeting discussing how to improve the future of the clan

30th January 2023

TBSE introduces new reforms to Regiments, Recruiting and Maps to bring the clan back onto its feet after purging half of our members due to inactivity