KOS List

Name: Sniping Fang
Reason: Attempted To Assassinate @Duke Of Cambridge

Name: LegoSo1dier7
Reason: Accompanied Sniping Fang In Attempt

Name: phoenix gamer3
Reason: joined the clan then disobeyed orders after multiple chances ended up leaving the party and swearing at leader multiple times

Name: Spartan Lucas08
Reason: Joining clan then leaving to become a freelancer in the same day

Name: TenMoss03126094
Reason: Clan hopping and trying to steal clan members

Name: Spacemarine1859
Reason: Clan hopping and working with tenmoss while having the audacity to try to stay allied with us

Name: StrikerGabe
Reason: Officer of a clan we are at war with and also afk killing oni personnel in 1v1

Name: Fireboy JET
Reason: Leaving clan without warning and interfering with allied training session after multiple warnings.

Name: Karma SSJ
Reason: Getting salty at us after raid for no reason and being a poor winner

Name Leon S011 SII
Reason: Attempted to assassinate leader and when failed instantly left the game.

Name: dreamkilleroo
Reason: Assassinated clan member during the recruitment and then left.

Name: Decs
Reason: Shittalking retard who breaks ROE

Name: str8 crazyy pro
Reason: Trolling

Name: ElfishShelf0
Reason: Threatening To Declare War Against Us

Name: XLoneWolf07X
Reason: KOS SAS member for no reason and using invincibility in social.

Name TBSE Renoun
Reason: Hunting TBSE members and disrupting recruitments and social

Name: dazzarac
Reason: Vortex is dumb and thinks I won’t find out about alts

Name: GeneralBrute
Reason: Claiming to betray the British Space Empire

Name: KingSmoke420
Reason: Trolling

Name: bReN 09090
Reason: using invisibility and req weapons in a social and calling our members pussys

Name: The Forgotten One
Reason: Trying to spy on the clan

Name: ukzg
Reason: Messing around in training and killing me

Name: fcbq
Reason: Messing around in training and ignoring orders

Name: Nightreaper9753
Reason: Committed multiple war crimes and also caused harm to multiple neutral factions

Name: Zexsier
Reason: talking trash to me for no reason when I joined the party and acting big when he is a nobody

Name: OkamiLucifer
Reason: talking trash to me for no reason when I joined the party and acting big when he is a nobody

Name: Qleow
Reason: talking trash to me for no reason when I joined the party and acting big when he is a nobody

Name: OurCommunist253
Reason: Spying on our clan and working for Demongamerlord

Name: Endz creamy
Reason: Threatening to DDos because we called him trash after he used modded weapons in a social

Name: Horus
Reason: Killing friendlies for no reason after being told not to

Name: KingxSmoke420
Reason: Extremely Toxic and engaging in Defamation

Reason: using invincibility in a raid and moded weapons

Name: Crazyerector
Reason: Treason against the clan, using members to get information and plotting to assassinate the leader
Name: Trickster224
Reason: Working with demongamerlord and trying to hide it

Name: Mouio
Reason: Toxicity and generally being rude towards me and other clan members for no reason

Name: Jonah B283#4983
Reason: Traitor to TBSE and working with TGR

Name: Shalac shek
Reason: Toxic and using invincibility in socials along with req weapons

Name: Silver6875
Reason: Threatening to defame and try to make people commit suicide on halo 5

Name: Aurumia
Reason: General toxicity

Name: Deservs
Reason: General toxicity

Name: Husbu
Reason: General toxicity

Name: NBHP
Reason: General toxicity

Banned Members

This is a list of players who are banned from our clan but do not need to be put on the KOS list

V KingxPanda V
xl Fallen lx#260
Egg fart 6969d
King yeti#2615