SAS Hereford

SAS Hereford is a social map and is the headquarters of the SAS the base is equip with some of the most state of the art security systems as well as holding a massive Armory of vehicles and weapons. This base is often used for important meetings due to its security and location in the middle of nowhere.

Fort Brimstone

The 77th Crusaders in their strange so-called wisdom built a remarkably secure base within a Volcanic ravine however they had only built the medieval style walls when the base was inspected and thus it was decided that a more modern base would be supplied so that the troops defending would be able to hold the base effectively.

Fort Distinction

Fort Distinction represents the best of both worlds when it comes to security and satisfactory living conditions. Fort Distinction comes fully defended with many surrounding small outposts for detection of hostile forces as well as walls made to withstand a direct hit from all known types of explosives. This Fort also comes equipped with a Tea Room with blast Doors that will not budge for any hostile allowing Friendly soldiers to wait out the hostile forces with a hot cup of Tea.


MI6 HQ is the Headquarters for the BIA and as such is known by many as purely impenetrable, many other nations have tried and failed to capture this base and as old and rough as it is it holds as the most secure base in the entire empire.