New Years Speech 2022

This year has been an interesting one, Covid has mostly disappeared from the public conscience whilst new economic problems and war in Europe fill the gap that Covid has left. From the start of this year, our clan has been tackling a problem of its own, figuring out how to run fun and impactful activities on Halo Infinite. It has been a long and hard transition period for us from Halo 5 but with the release of forge and custom browsers on Halo Infinite I believe that 2023 can be a very promising year for our clan. As our annual Christmas holiday comes to an end we will be entering our 5th year of the clan running, this is a massive milestone that will be celebrated towards the end of the year on the 12th of December which will mark the 5th anniversary of TBSE. With this new year, I plan to try to bring more activities for you all to take part in as well as expand our clan with new members so we can run even bigger games than ever before. 2022 wouldn’t have been the same without everyone in TBSE its been a blast let’s make next year a better year for TBSE than any before.

We will have many new projects and ideas to look forward to in 2023 so with this last sentence may I wish you all a Happy New Year.





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