Reforms To TBSE

Recently TBSE has struggled with multiple problems that stem from a few fixable problems.

What is wrong?

The most obvious of these problems is the lack of members during clan activities. Whilst it can be said that our members have been much busier than usual and therefore attendance has dropped this is not a fair assessment of the situation. Whilst members are busy clan activity has been declining since we started on Halo Infinite and while it may have peaked back up a few times after the release of forge clearly the problem does not stem from members being busy. One of the main problems causing this situation is a lack of active members, whilst inactive members are partially to blame (those of which have been discharged from the clan) the main problem which has plagued our clan is the lack of activity from one member… Me, whilst my activity level cannot change due to university and will likely decline further in the coming years that isn’t the problem. So if my inability to get on is the problem but also isn’t what is the REAL problem, the real problem is the fact that our clan has zero infrastructure to hold itself together with, no completed maps, a lack of members due to procrastination in regards to recruitment drives. Our clan as of recently was down to 12 members after an extremely harsh purge of inactive members. This is a completely unacceptable level that should have never been allowed to happen and the fault can only lie on myself as since the release of Halo Infinite I have mismanaged and neglected the true needs of the clan.

How do we fix this?

As many of you may be wondering after reading that downright pessimistic wall of text, how in hell are we going to fix this and bring our clan back up to the standards expected from the calibre of clan that we represent? Well we will fix this problem by building the infrastructure this clan so desperately needs, to start with it is expected that EVERY regiment runs at least 1 clan event each week, this means that there should be at least 3 clan activities a week even if I and every other regiment CO do the absolute minimum. This change will fix any problems the clan has with a lack of activities running, Secondly, we will be running more recruitments whilst the exact details of this are yet to be decided we will likely be looking to run at least 1 successful recruitment a week meaning we would at minimum bring in one member per week. Finally, I will be putting more time aside to get our forge maps completed as soon as possible as well as looking for members to help in the production of these maps, we will use these 3 solutions as the pillars to build our mighty empire back upon and we will remind our members and other clans that The Sun Never Sets On The British Space Empire!




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