Clan Update

Please use this post to update yourself on basic standards that are expected within the clan.


Uniforms are not fully enforced as of current on Halo Infinite currently the following are not enforced in our uniforms:

  • Armour (Armour pieces have never been enforced across the entirety of TBSE however it may be enforced by regiment commanders for their specific regiments)
  • Emblem (Emblems are typically enforced however are not enforced on Infinite as of yet, this may or may not change)

Click Here to view the uniforms page


Activity within the clan is now being monitored and not being active within the clan can and will lead to your removal from the clan if it is without reason. If you have a reason to be inactive make sure you file an inactivity report so you don’t get questioned about your lack of attendance or get kicked from the clan due to inactivity.

Click Here to file an inactivity report

Clan Membership

While within TBSE we do not allow double or multiclaning if you are in another HALO clan while within TBSE you will be kicked out of the clan.

Use our Website and Discord

We regularly post information on our website and discord so you can see what is going on within the clan, not knowing what is posted on the discord and website may make you miss opportunities or activities and you will not be excused for missing out on significant activities because you haven’t checked our discord and website, if something is posted on our website it will be linked and pinged on discord so there is no excuse for not taking the short time to keep yourselves informed.


The BIA does not exist so stop pretending it does ok.

Final Statement

The best way to not get in trouble with our clan is to act mature and keep updated with all the information posted as it comes out, thank you for taking your time to read this update.




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