The British Space Empire Enters A New Generation With Halo Infinite!

Day 15 
Month November 
Year 2560

Source: HMS Endurance
Log Entry: It has been 2 years that we have been stuck in this goddamn universe fighting these intolerable UNSC and Covenant forces, 2 years wasted in this desolate universe and we still haven't found anything of use to help us return to our universe... Until now. 

Holy Sh*t we have just been knocked out of orbit of this ILLEGABLE structure transmitting visual... 
Requesting Immediate Support.

The British Space Empire will engage with hostiles across the halo ring to gain control of this structure and find out if this could help open a trans-universe link between our universe and this one.

Clan Information

Begining On Halo Infinite The Following Regiments Will Be Active:


Tags: KG–
Armour Colour: Red
Armour: Any
Nameplate: Any

Royal Marines
Tags: RN–
Armour Colour: Sage or Platinum Anniversary
Armour: Any
Nameplate: Any

77th Crusaders:
Tags: CR–
Armour Colour: Red or Sentinels (HCS Pack)
Armour: Any
Nameplate: Any




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