Royal Marine Reformation

The Royal Marines Could Be Reformed As Soon As 15th October 2021 (The Date Is Still To Be Decided For Return But Authorisation Has Been Given For The Date Stated) and Will Be Trained And Ready For Halo Infinite To Release. 4 Phases Have Been Drawn Up and Approved For The Royal Marines To Return To Duty:

Phase 1: Familiarisation And Retraining
Phase 2: Uniform Design And Approval
Phase 3: Weapon And MOS Creation And Issuing
Phase 4: Vehicle Use And Implementation

The 4 Phases Were Drawn Up By Jonah B283 (Major Smith), It Has Also Been Confirmed That He Will Return And Will Be Given His Full Rank Of Major Upon Return As Well As Command Of The Royal Marines 29th And 45th Commando Regiments.




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