Halo Infinite Is Upcoming

With Halo Infinite Coming up some changes are taking place. First of all the only two regiments that will be active upon the start of our clan on Halo Infinite will be Kingscoats and Elite Foot Regiment Of The SAS then as we build up more regiments will open up. Since there are no members of the SAS at the current time due to the removal of grey there will be applications open at the beginning of our startup. Due to the nature of Halo Infinite, it is likely that the Parkour difficulty of the SAS will be reduced as it is a less significant skill from what has been shown to us however this will be decided at a later date. As soon as we have planned out training etc for Halo Infinite (likely within a few days of starting up clan) there will be a new section on our website with an activity schedule. On the subject of Uniforms for Halo Infinite at the start we will be only enforcing a colour based uniform rather than armour pieces, it is likely that some pieces will be restricted to Officers and specific ranks however this is likely to be a select few pieces and will likely not take place until our clan has been on the game for 3 months (possibly longer). The Uniform Colour will be one of the FREE starting red colours however as more armour colours are added you may be allowed to use more than just those specific colours. In the beginning, we will enforce off duty uniforms however this will only be TAGS at the start we do NOT have any plans to enforce armour or armour coatings while off duty. When we get started on infinite you will have to confirm your intention to continue being a part of this clan either verbally or through text. There will also likely be an option with reactions on discord. Ranks from Halo 5 will carry over to Halo Infinite HOWEVER ranks of those who have not expressed their intent to rejoin within the provided time limit will lose their ranks.

To Summarise:
What Regiments Will Start Out On Infinite?
– Kingscoats and SAS
How Will The SAS Be Effected By Infinite?
– The SAS will likely have less intense Parkour tests and training however this will likely be replaced with harder PVP training and tests.
How long till scheduled activities start?
– Scheduled activities will start taking place hopefully after 3 days of the clan operating on infinite these activities may be basic at first due to the lack of maps.
How will Uniforms change on Infinite?
– The Uniforms will be colour based only still but at the start will be limited to the Free Red Coatings.
What do we need to do to ensure our place in the clan?
– About a week before the release of Infinite you will be asked to confirm your intentions to continue operating within our clan this will preserve your rank etc from halo 5.

If you have any questions just contact me on discord and I can answer them.




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