Queen Eugenie

Name: Eugenie Yarnell Windsor
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Title: Her Majesty Queen Eugenie, Duke Of Lancaster
IQ Level: 146 (High)
Height: 5ft3 or 161cm
Weight: 120lbs
Occupation: Queen Of The British Space Empire

Queen Eugenie Yarnell Windsor is the current reigning Monarch of The British Space Empire (TBSE), she took up the throne after both her mother (the previous Queen) and her farther (the previous King) were killed while returning from a diplomatic meeting with [Classified] at Spacestation 79 (SS79). Multiple ships loaded with primative nuclear weapons jumped into the sector and rammed directly through the escort fleet of 5 Battleships and 12 Destroyers hitting into the Royal Yatch (HMS Britannic) which didn’t have its shields up as it had just undocked from SS79. Queen Eugenie has been on the throne for 2 years and was corinated when she was only 16 however she has since become the symbol of the empires prosperity and growth. Her temperment has been described as Calm and Collected however has in a few instances been seen exploding at people when angry however when in this state she is still able to make extremely logical arguments. There are roumors that she can easily be teased or embarassed however these claims have been denied by the Royal Family.

Eugenie has political beliefs of her own however these beliefs are mostly kept private and are not shared with the public however there has been an occasion where she used her influence and powers for the betterment of TBSE which was widely accepted. While Eugenie has no personal religious beliefs she does not judge those who do hold beliefs of their own and is willing to take part in others beliefs on occasion to improve relations. The Queen is a strong believer in diplomacy but has shown that she is also completely happy to use force when she has deemed it necessary against anyone.