An all-out victory point war will use the following ROE:

Raidable Gamemode: A raidable gamemode is any recruitment, social or raid game hosted by the enemy in the war.

Raid Bases – all raid bases including open raids must have at least 2 entrances and may not have any teleporters that give entry to the base from outside it, there must be no line of sight to the spawn and defenders must ensure they do not spawn kill (Spawn rumbling is allowed). Attackers must switch to defending weapons when they have control of a base to ensure that attackers are not starved of weapons.

Recruitments – with recruitments if an enemy clan joins there is no obligation to engage them and it is up to the decision of the defending clan, however using *Power Weapons* to purposely spawn kill attackers in cells will lead to a violation of this rule. (Spawn Rumbling to exit cells is permitted however entering cells or suiciding to purposely get into cells for the sake of killing is a violation).

Social Games – Social games do not have to follow the Weapon Type Limits rule, the Support or Allied Clans rule, the Vehicles Rule however they must not be run on purpose build raid maps. Socials also have an exception to the attached turret rule as chaingun turrets will be allowed in their attached form. In socials a defender must first be engaged by an attacker for the defending clan to begin killing the attackers. (exceptions may be made if accidents occur but if it happens more than once it will count as a violation)

Maps – Maps may contain prohibited items as long as they are not made use of by either clan.

Weapon Variants – All weapon variants of weapons are banned from all Raidable Gamemodes except recruitments, they may be present on the map but not used by defenders with the sole exception of the bandit evo.

Vehicles – Vehicles can only be used by defenders as a method of travel and cannot be used offensively. Wielded Vehicles are strictly prohibited.

Weapons – The following weapons are prohibited from use on Raidable Gamemodes:
– Gravity Hammer
– Limit of 1 Attached Turret
– Mixed or combination weapons

Dual Power Weapons – Players may not hold more than 1 power weapon at a time on Raidable Gamemodes (If they are they must not fire either of their weapons until it is dropped).

Weapon Type Limits – There are limits on the amount of each of the following types of weapons that a defending clan can use at once in a Raidable Gamemode, The following limits apply:

– 1 Rocket Launcher or Skewer
– 1 Sniper Rifle
– 2 Shotguns
– 1 Cindershot
– 1 Detached Turrets
– 1 Mangler
– 1 Needler

Weapon Pads – Weapon pads are banned on all Raidable Gamemodes.

Kill Mechanics – Using anything other than weapons, vehicles or equipment held by or operated by spartans to directly kill players on Raidable Gamemodes intentionally is prohibited any form of scripting or traits used to kill players is also prohibited.

Traits – traits are banned from use on all Raidable Gamemodes.

Gamemodes – The gamemodes used as Raidable Gamemodes must be a normal FFA Slayer with a 1 Hour time limit and Unlimited score to win all player traits, weapons, and respawn settings must be left default. (Using a gamemode publically that does not follow these settings which is defined as a Raidable Gamemode is a violation of this rule).

Support or allied clans
– using the support of people who are not officially in your clan or the help of allied clans to compete in Raidable Gamemodes hosted by either of the clans is prohibited.

Power Weapons – The following weapons are considered Power Weapons:
– Rocket Launcher
– Skewer
– Sniper Rifle
– Bulldog
– Cindershot
– Gravity Hammer
– Energy Sword
– Stalker Rifle
– Needler
– Hydra Launcher

Cheating or Hacking – The use of any cheats, hacks or network manipulation will result in an immediate loss in the war.

Successful Victory: A successful victory occurs when an attacking clan has assaulted a Raidable Gamemode and has more of their own forces present within the base than the defending clan at the end of the 1-hour limit. The base area is marked by the main point of contestation between the defending and attacking clans during the match.

Breaking ROE: Breaking ROE will result in a loss of 1 victory point for a first offence, a reset of all victory points for a team on repeat offences.

Victory Points: Victory points are earned by successfully taking over a Raidable Gamemode a single victory point is awarded for each Successful Victory, the first clan to earn 5 Victory Points will win the war. Victory points are not lost for failing to take over a Raidable Gamemode and neither are they awarded for the Successful defense of one.