77th Crusader Lore

Unlike every other regiment that has arrived in the universe Alpha-2, it is completely unknown how the 77th arrived here aboard HMS Hunter Of Heretics. When questioned about their arrival each of them has a very similar and repetitive story. Each of these stories contains gibberish about how it was their destiny or the divine will of their “god” behind their arrival. It is also unknown how unlike every other ship that has been transported from our universe to alpha-2 their ship experienced no system failures resulting in none of their regiment or crew being harmed or killed. Either way however they got here is irrelevant it is just agreeable to have a regiment willing to lay down their lives in literally any circumstance at all.

Motto: Deus Vult Ad Mortem

The 77th Crusader regiment is completely comprised of “cultists” from the planet Tripolia. The planet known by most for its luxurious weather and vacation resorts is host to a mountainous island where these cultists have set up their religious site of worship. These “clultists” have a disagreeable tendency to harass the populous of the planet in an attempt to convert them into their religion and as such the 77th Crusader regiment was formed to keep them busy. It was found out that this regiment was extremely popular amongst the “cultists” who literally integrated joining the regiment as a requirement for their religion why? We really have no clue. The 77th Crusader regiment has proved both effective and also inept in combat ranging from overrunning the enemy with the ridiculous and vast swaths of their religious members to literally losing 3 quarters of their regiment in a single battle. Suffice to say their arrival in alpha-2 is something worth celebrating but also fearing as our men now know there is no way to escape their religious rambling even if you literally find a way to travel to a completely different universe.